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Recognizing the valued gestures ritual offers, this requiem brings together theories in accompaniment, wakework, and performance studies to explore

how a requiem acts as a

commemorative mass for the dead. This performance was awarded Top Contributed Perforamnce for the 2023 National Communication Association Conference. 


This performance asks audiences

move with me, feel with me,

que se encusian in the name of grief

to re-route the misrecognition of blackness from already dead to

“in the wake”

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Visitors to the Afrontalo exhibition at the CSUSB Anthropology museum learn biographies and view original portraits of 21 Afrolatine Californians

Using activated charcoal Censual Spillage comes into contact with the ink that marks human existence. From a particularly black lens, performance explores the possibilities for subjectivity offered in the "fill-in-the-blank" categories on the census form. 

*Awarded Top Contributed Performance by

2023 National Communication Assocation*

Using the Colorado river as a final gravesite, this work endeavors to unearth the in-between places situated at the crossroads of what was and what remains in order to investigate the dark corners of our collective memory, and discover where we might begin to place ourselves among the ghosts.

Having gathered 735 candles through community donation, Light of Ours theorizes accompaniment as it endeavors to connect the artist to the spect-actor in an effort to rework the forces which keep riotous life at bay. Having taken place on the threshold of the 2021 New Year, Light of Ours asks, what method

of study might we conjure

when we accompany each other in grief?

By asking the question, “what are you grieving?” Obituary sifts through language as a site for change, that is, a postcolonial history of loss that when unearthed, refuses to be forgotten. 

Using an endo-cannibalistic approaches

to the funerary rite of passage,

I consume my father's ashes to incorporate his body into mine and (re)member the mourning process. 

Done over 9 days to (re)enact a novena, the Catholic ceremony of nine days of prayer for the dead, I make an activated charcoal to conjure our colonial past.
This performance troubles racialized language by  cleansing, mourning, and staining through transcripts of blackness.

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