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"this labor is 'situated at the crossroads of morgue, stage, and spiritual practice,' but it is also at the apex of how we simultaneously tend to the dead, the living, and all life forces that appear in the crevices of existence."

Sandra Ruiz, Light for a Light:

Minoritarian Aesthetics and the Politics of Grief Work, Meridians Journal of Feminism, race, and transnationlaism

*Winner - Paula J. Giddens Best Article Award*

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"It's mourning in America, as people across the country wrestle with personal and collective senses of loss. In a striking theatrical piece this week, performance artist Eva Margarita will be processing her own grief in an unusually literal way: by cooking and eating three kinds of food that, she says, will be made using the bones and ashes of her late father's cremated remains." 

Adam Feldman for TimeOut


"To me, conjuring is a purposeful subversion of energy. It is a melding of spiritual, scholarly, and creative realms in order to best unsettle whatever is happening in that moment. Whether that is to work with ashes to unsettle grief or to cook activated charcoal for nine days,

it's subverting the energy of the moment so that

we can use it in other ways.

I like to think conjure does all those things. 


Eva Margarita interview with Maegan Clearwood

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